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6 Months in...

Can you believe we are six months old! Where did those 6 months go, what have we learned and more importantly what's next?

Are we really 6 months old?

We got so carried away yesterday, having found out that we are on the shortlist for "Newcomer of the Year" in the Hull Daily Mail Food and Drink Awards 2019, that we forgot we are 6 months old. Yep, 6 months - how did that happen?

How we got here

The Pickled Fig was a dream. A lifelong dream for both my husband and I. Bob is a 2nd generation baker, trained by his father at their two bakeries when he was younger. Unfortunately, the big supermarkets put an end to the humble bakery and Bob ventured off into IT. Myself, I've always had a love of food, especially cheese but I also found myself in IT, working with food on the side. I founded a supper club in Wales with a friend, dabbled in some home private dining and loved being in the kitchen, well, since I was a child really.

In 2017, we lost Bob's dad, Jeff, to a very short battle with cancer. I think it triggered something inside Bob that life is too short and with little to no convincing we decided to persue our dream. Not always The Pickled Fig - we had another shop in mind but when that fell through we decided to go for it and The Pickled Fig soon became a reality. Hessle's new Delicatessen and Artisan Bakery! It's been hard. New, small businesses are never easy - we knew that! But, here we are, 6 months in and everyone loving what we've done with the shop and more importantly what we sell and produce.

What's next?

Well, on May the 14th we find out if we've actually won and become "Newcomer of the Year". That would be the icing on the cake for our first year of trading. If we don't win, we are still proud to have got this far! At the shop, we'll soon be introducing our new Spring/Summer menu additions - so keep an eye out for those. Those all important cheese and wine nights are underway with a few private ones already taken place and the feedback is amazing. Look our for our public ticketed event coming soon. Sign up to receive updates here: We are always looking for new producers to showcase and on the hunt for something we think you'll all love and will continue to do so. Don't forget - if you simply cannot find something you need - try us! We love a challenge!

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