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Christmas Shop

Give the Gift of Fine Food

Looking for gift inspiration?  Got a food lover in the family?  We've got plenty on offer this year from small gifts and hamper boxes to extra large hamper baskets. 

What's hot this year?

What trends does 2022 bring?  Well, when it comes to those foodie gifts, we have some corkers in store.  Covid19 has seen us change our habits in all sorts of ways, none so much as Christmas shopping.  Will you do all yours online?  Will you support the independents? Will you still pop in to your local shops?  We are all different.  But here's what we think will be the best selling gifts this Christmas. 

*not all of our stock is in yet but you may go ahead and order to avoid disappointment and your order will be shipped either when stock arrives or in time for Christmas.  We will contact you to discuss.

Merry Christmas

...and those Christmas Essentials

Christmas cheese and all it's accompaniments along with bread sauce, biscuits, mulled wine or mulled cider, and goose fat from Munns.  We have all sorts of essential items to set off your festivities. 

Homemade Pate, Christmas puddings from Georgie Porgies.  Fondant mints from Beech's because no Christmas came and went without a chocolate mint in the house! 

Christmas Lights

Bread Sauce Mix

Bread Sauce Mix from Shropshire Spice Company. Table Essentials!


Mulled Cider Pouches

Like Mulled wine and cider? Then you'll love these!


Coming Soon

Gorgeous Christmas Chocolate


Festive Stuffing

A Jolly Fine Gluten Free Stuffing, By Gordon Rhodes

Christmas Cheese

No cheese in the house at Christmas, said no one ever!!  Well, we have never said that.  Cheese is much loved all year round but no more so than at Christmas.  From whole baby stilton, British Cheese selections to continental cheeses, we have something for everyone.

Order your Christmas cheese now.  We have some selections below and an order form coming soon. 


Cheese Selection

5 British & Continental cheeses cut and wrapped by hand, perfectly picked for your Christmas table. A total weight of 1.5kg



British Cheese Selection

5 British Cheeses cut and wrapped

by hand, perfectly picked for your

Christmas table. A total weight of 1.6kg



Shop our full Christmas range now

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