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How to create the perfect cheese board

At the Pickled Fig we just love cheese!  We can help you select the finest cheeses for your cheeseboard whatever the occasion.  Whether you just want us to help you select the perfect cheese selection or you need the trimmings too, we are as flexible as you need us to be.


Establish the quantity

Firstly, we need to establish how much cheese you need.  Guidelines for this are:

  • Allow 60g per person if part of a larger meal

  • Allow 90g per person if cheese is the only food


This is the amount of cheese each person needs altogether and not the amount of each cheese.  For example, a three-cheese board for 6 people as part of a meal would require 360g of cheese altogether.  However, it’s always best to have a little over than not enough and there are so many ways to use up your leftover cheese.


Decide how many cheeses you would like

We recommend either three or five as to not overwhelm your guests with the amount of choice, six at a maximum.   If the number of people is relatively small we would recommend three cheeses, the more people you are serving the more cheese you can add.


Choosing your cheese

There are so many delicious cheeses out there.  Cheeses come with different textures, strengths, milks and colours.  For a three-cheese board, we would recommend one soft, one hard and one blue.  For five cheeses, we would recommend one soft, two hard, a bloomy rind and a blue.  Ultimately, it’s up to you, we are here to help.

Our cheese selections are priced by weight and packaged in a presentation box. 

Our cheeseboard option includes the cheese, your choice* of biscuits, pickles, a selection of fruit and of course, pickled figs. Neatly packaged and ready for you to unwrap, set up and serve. 

*the amount of accompaniments depends on the size of the cheeseboard.

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