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Producer Spotlight - Molini Pivetti

Welcome to the our Producer Spotlight. Here's another new producer we are particularly excited about!

Molini Pivetti ... supreme Italian Flours & Mixes

In 1875 founder Valente Pivetti built a steam-powered flour mill between Bologna and Ferrara, just a few miles from Cento. In 1947 the mill was renovated, and the low-efficiency millstone system was replaced with a high-efficiency cylinder-based milling system. In 1997 they expanded to a second mill and today the Pivetti Group is managed by the founder’s great-grandson Alberto Pivetti, with his wife Marisa and children Paola, Gianluca and Silvia.

Their mission? To create products and production processes which, combined with their unparalleled knowledge of the market, help to achieve increasingly high quality standards for their consumers!

Why are they different?

They believe in sustainability, quality and consumer satisfaction. Their products have over 6 certifications including being organic and kosher. Even their fields are protected; The first brand certified by the international body (CSQA), guaranteeing a controlled supply chain and the full health of the wheat used for the production of Pivetti product range, from the field to milling.

Molini Pivetti Pizza Mix
The easiest pizza base you'll make!

Products currently stocked:

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Molini Pivetti Gran Reserve Manitoba Flour

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