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Producer Spotlight - Two Farmers

Welcome to the first of our Producer Spotlights. The new way to introduce you to new and interesting products in our store. We are espcially excited about this one!

Two Farmers are the new crisps in town (well Hessle, and now online with us). Delicious hand-cooked crisps using their own grown potatoes in Herefordshire.

Why are they different?

Nearly every crisp packet you put in the bin (the regular bin) has a silver foil lining and is made of non-recyclable materials. The UK alone eats around 6 billion packets of crisps per year. Sadly, some of these packets don't even end up in the bin. They end up on our streets, beaches and parks. Did you know, in 2018 a boy found an empty packet of crisps from the 1980s? Yes, that's not a typo, the eightees! And it was near enough in tact.

So back over to Two Farmers - they started with a vision. A vision to make delicious hand-cooked crisps that celebrate the flavours of Herefordshire - the crunch? The packaging was to be made of 100% compostable material. And by jove, they did it.

With three Great Taste Awards under their belts (and counting) their crisps are hand-cooked in small batches and the flavourings are all sourced locally. From salt at the Spa in Droitwich to cider vinegar made with apples grown in Herefordshire Orchards. All their potatoes are grown and graded on the farm and only three varieties (that all fry excellently) - Lady Claire, Lady Rosetta and Taurus.

In a pioneering move for the crisps industry the bags will completely break down in a home composting environment in 26 weeks. That's amazing considering the 40 year old packet found on the beach! Also available in lovely recyclable sharing tins!

Go on, give them a go and give something back to the environment!

Available in:

Lightly Salted

Salt & Cider Vinegar

Herefordshire Bullshot Beef, and Herefordshire Hop Cheese & Onion.

40g, 150g and 500g tins.

Available at

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