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We Are ONE!

One year past, one year over. How ever you look at it, the last 12 months have been a rollercoaster!

It's been a great first 12 months. Our customers made sure of that - the first timers, the regulars - all of you. Yes, you! Because without our customers, The Pickled Fig wouldn't exist. We are clearly doing something right...

And we will continue with that.

A customer came in this week and asked for a birthday cake. Although we love to bake and Bob is a 2nd generation baker, we didn't think of this offering. But, as always, when a customer asks, we will always try to accommodate. The request wasn't overly complex, 48 hour turnaround and a 'chocolate cake'. They also ordered lunchboxes for the partygoers - something we are a dab hand at... the end result is below.

This is what we love - the look on a customers face when they get what they asked for. We've had cheese requests, chutney requests and more. If we don't stock it / make it but you need it - we will do our best to make that happen!

Here's to the next 12 months!

Love TPF x

Birthday cake from The Pickled Fig
Cookies & Cream Birthday Cake

Packed lunch for party goers
Birthday Lunchboxes

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