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Fourme D'Ambert

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Product Details
Provenance: Dischamp
Country: France
Region: Clermont-Ferrand
Accreditation: AOC
Type of Milk: Cows
Pasteurisation: Pasteurised
Cheese Type / Texture: Blue
Beverage Pairing: Rosés, Malbec, Burgundy, Rhône, Port or sweet dessert wines or artisanal pale ale.
Condiments Pairing: Tracklements Fig Chutney or honey

The mildest of Blues. Fourme d’Ambert takes it’s name from the mold traditionally used to shape cheeses around the village of Ambert. Legend has it that Gallic druids used it in their rituals!

The paste is pale yellow with erratic patches of really blue mold. The texture is rich and buttery with a subtle flavour of roasted hazelnut. This cheese is more supple and dense than most blues with perfume of fruit and wood and a savoury nutty flavour. Very mild, it is often referred as the “connoisseur’s blue cheese” because its flavour works well with all other cheeses

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