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Give the Gift of Fine Food

Looking for gift inspiration?  Got a food lover in the family?  We've got plenty on offer this year from small gifts and hamper boxes to extra large hamper baskets. 

What's hot this year?

What trends does 2021 bring?  Well, when it comes to those foodie gifts, we have some corkers in store.  Covid19 has seen us change our habits in all sorts of ways, none so much as Christmas shopping.  Will you do all yours online?  Will you support the independents? Will you still pop in to your local shops?  We are all different.  But here's what we think will be the best selling gifts this Christmas. 

*not all of our stock is in yet but you may go ahead and order to avoid disappointment and your order will be shipped either when stock arrives or in time for Christmas.  We will contact you to discuss.

Merry Christmas

Smokey Carter

Back for 2021 and one of our best sellers in 2020.  Inspired by Smokey’s travels around the globe, our mission was to bring those international influences from places such as; the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, Portugal & Greece to our award-winning range of BBQ spice rubs, BBQ sauce, chilli jams, hot sauces and spiced chutneys. Handmade and packed with flavour, you can really taste our passion for good food, heat, spice & sunshine in every bite. Produced in Manchester, England.

These guys have so many Great Taste Star awards and they are tipped the GIFT OF THE YEAR 2020.  We have in limited stock...

American Road Trip

Around the World

Cheese Lovers

Gin Botanicals


Spice Pots

These lovely gifts also sold out in 2020 and are back in stock! Spice Pots are perfectly blended, dry Indian curry powders to make simple and easy curry and Indian inspired recipes.   The mission? To take the hassle out of making a curry and to get you consistent cooking results! 


The Festive Food Survival Kit is perfect for those days before and after Christmas when food isn't always planned and leftovers are in abundance. From Spiced Christmas nuts to Bhuna Butter Chicken. 

Stocking Fillers


In 1863, Geraldus Johannes Droste’s confectioner’s shop and bakery opened its doors to the public in Haarlem. Over the years, Droste developed into a very well-known international brand, producing several artisanal chocolate products such as the renowned pastilles and we have them this year in 8 different varieties. 

Le Comptoir Chocolate coated party marshmallow bar! What marshmallow lover wouldn't love this! These are simply great and make a wonderful stocking filler or pop in a Christmas Eve Box.

Joe & Seph's

As well as the treat bags of popcorn this year we have the pyramid tree hanger - delicious cups of milk chocolate filled with J&S's famous salted caramel popcorn!

Secret Santa

Dean's Biscuits as designed by Steven Brown

Dean's all butter, melt in the mouth shortbread rounds presented in a delightful Steven Brown Art design tin.

Monty Bojangles gorgeous truffles - dusted with cocoa powder - any chocaholics dream! 

Driemeister Chocolate for Wine

6 gold chocolate coins paired with wines presented in a lovely wooden box.  What's not to love if you love chocolate, wine or both!


Panettone, Stolen & more...

This year we have the beautiful classic Panettone from Loison.  It stands out for the quality of all Loison guaranteed ingredients and for the special processing, which takes place according to the most modern and advanced systems, but respecting the long and slow leavening times typical of the ancient Italian pastry tradition. The result is a soft and highly digestible dough. Dubbed one of the best panettone you will ever taste by several national press, this one really is a Christmas must have. 

We also have a gorgeous limoncello Panettone from Chiosto.  Panettone filled with Limoncello cream, with candied lemon peels, without sultanas; naturally leavened. Hand-wrapped in elegant paper. The Panettone Chiostro di Saronno is produced according to the traditional recipe, through a slow and natural leavening and all ingredients, from flour to milk, eggs to butter, candied fruit to yeast, are of natural origin.

We also have delicious Stollen and Stollen Bites from Kuchenmeister - the german bakery started in 1884 and make some of the best pastries and biscuits.  

Sugar Free Chocolate Truffles are available from RED.  Delicious buttery gouda biscuits in a gorgeous delft tin from Buiteman and of course Opies boozy fruits - this year we have red berries in pink gin and peaches in courvoisier.


...and those Christmas Essentials

Christmas cheese and all it's accompaniments along with bread sauce, biscuits, mulled wine or mulled cider, and goose fat from Munns.  We have all sorts of essential items to set off your festivities. 

Homemade Pate, Christmas puddings from Georgie Porgies.  Fondant mints from Beech's because no Christmas came and went without a chocolate mint in the house! 

Christmas Lights

Bread Sauce Mix

Bread Sauce Mix from Shropshire Spice Company. Table Essentials!


Mulled Cider Pouches

Like Mulled wine and cider? Then you'll love these!


Christmas Biscuits

Gorgeous Italian Biscuits


Festive Stuffing

A Jolly Fine Gluten Free Stuffing, By Gordon Rhodes

Christmas Cheese

No cheese in the house at Christmas, said no one ever!!  Well, we have never said that.  Cheese is much loved all year round but no more so than at Christmas.  From whole baby stilton, British Cheese selections to continental cheeses, we have something for everyone.

Order your Christmas cheese now.  We have some selections below and an order form coming soon. 


Cheese Selection

5 British & Continental cheeses cut and wrapped by hand, perfectly picked for your Christmas table. A total weight of 1.7kg



British Cheese Selection

5 British Cheeses cut and wrapped

by hand, perfectly picked for your

Christmas table. A total weight of 1.8kg


The Ultimate Christmas Puddings - Georgie Porgies of Devon

At Georgie Porgie’s Puddings, every delicious sweet treat is handmade in their Budleigh-based kitchen. Each delicious pudding or sponge is prepared by their expert pudding chefs, so each pudding is special!  Made using traditional methods, each pudding is handwrapped and tied in cloth ready for steaming at home.

These flew off the shelves last year and we are so pleased they are back this year in the following formats:

142g - perfect for 1-2 people

454g - perfect for 3-4 people

Award Winning Traditional Christmas Pudding

Chocolate Orange & Baileys

Apple & Cider

Puddings are also available in larger sizes but on a pre-order basis only.  Please enquire by contacting us if you require a pudding to serve 6-8 or 15-18.


Georgie Porgies 142g

Georgie Porgies Puddings

142g 1-2 People



Georgie Porgies 454g

Georgie Porgies Puddings

454g 3-4 People



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