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Savoursmiths Christmas Ham With Umami Truffle Glaze

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Brand: Savoursmiths

Christmas Ham with an Umami and Truffle glaze

Turkey has gone murkey, and so we decided to steer clear of that. This Christmas is the time for Ham with a decadent Umami Truffle Glaze.

Our Vegan Christmas Ham gives an almost bacon type flavour, which has always been hugely popular and tasty on a crisp. Umami is very much in vogue at present, giving a very pleasant savoury taste, and is used to balance taste, and round out the overall flavour of a dish. Umami enhances the palatability of a wide variety of foods and it is a natural enhancer of flavour – making this crisp burst with flavour!

The truffle then adds to the flavour by giving a more earthy depth to the taste, and nicely rounds off an overall decadent flavour.

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